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Here’s What to Expect After Receiving a CEREC Same-Day Crown

August 10, 2019

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In times past, the placement of a dental crown was a two-to-three visit procedure that typically took weeks to finalize. Patients now have a more convenient, attractive and durable way to restore their smiles with a CEREC same-day dental crown. Since this is still a fairly new procedure in the dental world, you likely have some questions about what to expect during the recovery process. A local dentist weighs in to provide the expert answers you need so you can move forward with achieving a healthier and more aesthetically-pleasing smile!


Dental Implants for Missing Teeth – Too Many Advantages to Pass Up!

June 14, 2019

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Your days of living without any number of teeth can now, thankfully, come to an end. With the placement of dental implants, you have a clear path to a fully restored smile. What makes them a better choice than other replacement methods, though? You’re invited to read further to discover why dental implants are in a class of their own!


Could Gum Disease Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease?

May 20, 2019

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Chances are, you or someone you love suffers from gum disease, which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, affects nearly half of adults who are thirty or older.  And while the effects on your oral health are obvious, did you know that poor gum health may have an effect on your overall health?  Researchers have been studying the link between gum disease and heart disease, and while one has not been proven to cause the other, the connection between the two has been shown to be very strong. 


Your Dentist on How Your Diabetes and Oral Health Are Connected

April 20, 2019

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More than 29.1 million Americans live with diabetes, and nearly 22% of them are also affected by gum disease. Your oral health and overall health may be more connected than you thought. Diabetes can cause symptoms that can negatively affect your oral health and lead to infections and cavities. So, what exactly does your smile have to do with certain health problems—and how can you protect it? Read on to learn about how diabetes can affect your oral health.


Whitening Your Smile with Charcoal? Find Out What Your Dentist Has to Say

March 3, 2019

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From magazines to Pinterest, the big trend nowadays is whitening your teeth with charcoal. Although regular gels and whitening trays are still found on drug store shelves, you may find that the charcoal alternative is becoming a more popular choice. But does it really work? Isn’t charcoal used for barbecues? Can this dark substance that makes your teeth look dirty actually brighten your smile? Your dentist weighs in on the topic and discusses how and if this new whitening trend actually works.


A Healthy New Year’s Resolution with Your Dentist

February 1, 2019

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In the spirit of the new year, your dentist has an easy yet vital resolution you can make. Scheduling routine dental visits, at least twice a year, is one of the most beneficial steps you can take towards good oral health. With numerous studies piling up about the link between your oral and overall health, taking care of your smile in 2019 is a great way to help your body, too. Keep reading to learn why routine dental visits are important for the beauty and health of your pearly whites.


3 New Year Resolution Ideas for Your Oral Health from Your Dentist in Crookston

January 17, 2019

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Happy New Year! It’s 2019—time to set goals for what you want to accomplish. What do you want to achieve this year? Do you want to improve your health? How about making a resolution to benefit your mouth? With these three resolution ideas, suggested by your dentist in Crookston, you can dramatically promote your oral health this year.


Here Are Some Tooth-Friendly Flu Season Tips from a Dentist

January 7, 2019

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Winter is upon us, with all the seasonal miseries it can sometimes bring. When your nose is stuffy, and your head is aching, it’s perfectly fine to take an over-the-counter cold reliever for your symptoms. But those same remedies may set you up for a toothache down the road unless you follow these flu season tips from a local dentist.


Visit Your Dentist Before Your Dental Insurance Expires

November 22, 2018

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dentist appointment on calendar It is an exciting time of the year as you shop for the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Although you may be preoccupied with the festivities of the holidays, do not forget to visit your dentist. If you have dental insurance, your benefits are about to expire. While you may not think you have any left, less than 3% of Americans meet or exceed their annual coverage. If you do not use your remaining benefits now, you are missing the opportunity to get a healthy smile for reduced rates.

5 Halloween Dental Health Tips from Your Dentist!

October 25, 2018

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orange pumpkins assorted candyPumpkins, costumes and bags of candy – these are the thoughts that come to mind in regard to Halloween. When it comes to your oral health, though, the sugar present in the multitude of candy selections can lead to some serious problems. Thankfully, your local dentist has 5 simple tips to help you avoid any unwanted oral health issues. Find out what they are as you read on!


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