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Addressing Tooth Sensitivity in Children

February 7, 2024

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child suffering from oral sensitivity touching cheek

If your child mentions tooth sensitivity, it’s crucial to pay attention and address their discomfort. While it may not seem urgent, it could signal an underlying issue that needs attention. As a concerned parent, it’s important to understand the problem and find ways to treat it, ensuring your child’s comfort and happiness. Read on to discover the causes of tooth sensitivity in children as well as helpful tips for managing it.

Explaining Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity in children can be puzzling, with causes ranging from emerging adult teeth to enamel erosion and poor oral hygiene. Other factors like tooth decay, cavities, gum inflammation, and injuries can also contribute. Surprisingly, even a sinus infection can lead to sensitivity. Detecting and treating the issue early is crucial to prevent prolonged discomfort and potential serious problems for your child.

Alleviating Tooth Sensitivity

Although some causes of tooth sensitivity can’t be fully prevented, there are several ways you can help your child manage discomfort and reduce sensitivity. Professional treatments are available to target the issue and protect their enamel. Additionally, you can implement these home tips to support your child:

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene – Make sure to motivate your child to stick to a daily routine of brushing and flossing. A healthy mouth is far less likely to develop problems that may cause sensitivity.
  • Use the Right Toothpaste – Consult your dentist for suggestions on toothpaste and toothbrushes tailored for sensitive teeth. These specialized products can effectively tackle tooth sensitivity and enhance overall oral health.
  • Utilize Fluoride – This natural mineral, commonly found in local tap water, provides significant oral health advantages. Among these benefits is its ability to stimulate saliva production, which can alleviate oral sensitivity. Encourage your child to stay hydrated to maximize these advantages.

Remember, nurturing your child’s smile is an investment in their future oral health. By instilling good dental habits early on, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, reducing the risk of problems down the road.

About the Practice

At Renu Dental, patient care takes precedence under the guidance of Dr. Tiara Applequist, a passionate dentist committed to enhancing smiles and educating patients on oral health. Serving Crookston and neighboring areas, the practice offers a wide spectrum of services, ranging from preventive to emergency treatments, catering to patients of all ages. Whether you seek preventive care, cosmetic enhancements, or treatments for growing smiles, Renu Dental is dedicated to helping you and your family achieve optimal oral health. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Applequist or explore pediatric services, reach out to Renu Dental at (218) 275-2415 or visit their website.

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