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Children's Dentistry — Crookston, MN

Keeping Kids Happy, Healthy & Smiling

Dentist examining young dental patient during children's dentistry visitWe welcome whole families to visit our dental office, and we pride ourselves on offering superior quality dental care for patients of all ages. Our kid-friendly dental office has a number of treatment options uniquely geared toward helping kids develop strong, healthy teeth and keep them for life. Dr. Tiara Applequist and her dentistry team have years of experience working with young people and their unique oral health and behavior needs, and we work hard to ensure children develop positive associations with dental visits. We invite patients to schedule checkups for the whole family on the same day for optimal convenience, and offer a number of treatment option specifically geared toward kid’s unique oral health and behavioral needs. At Renu Dental in Crookston, MN, we’re passionate about offering the highest quality care for patients at any age or stage of dental development. Contact our team to schedule an appointment for your little one to receive children's dentistry in our Crookston, MN Dental office, or bring the whole family to see us for dental care.

When Should I Bring my Child to the Dentist?

Dr. Applequist recommends that parents bring their children to the dentist prior to starting pre-school. However, parents are welcome to bring their children sooner if they already have concerns. These early checkups allow our team to keep patients’ smiles whole and healthy, build a great relationship between your child and the dentist, and answer parents’ questions about caring for little smiles at home.

Why Should I Choose Renu Dental for My Child’s Care?

We think that one key to ensuring patients continue to keep their smiles whole and healthy is making dental treatment convenient. That’s why we welcome patients to schedule their family’s checkups on the same day. No need to make multiple trips to two or more dental offices. Simply, bring the whole family to see Dr. Applequist and her knowledgeable dental team.

Fluoride Treatment

Little girl giving high-five to dental team member

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that plays an important role in supporting dental health. For patients of all ages, it can fortify tooth enamel and reduce the risk of decay. For children whose smiles are still developing, fluoride can help their new teeth come in strong and healthy. Most people are exposed to fluoride on a daily basis via their toothpaste and tap water. However, an extra dose of it is beneficial for most children. If we believe that your child could use a bit more exposure to this remarkable mineral, we will recommend that they undergo a quick and noninvasive topical fluoride treatment.

Dental Sealants

Young boy giving thumbs up for dental treatment

Most children still have not mastered their daily dental hygiene routine, which means that food may stay on the chewing surfaces of their teeth and increase their risk of decay. We can mitigate this problem with dental sealants. We simply apply a thin coating of the sealant material to a patient’s permanent teeth and harden it with a curing lamp. It places a barrier on the chewing surface of the teeth so things like food particles and bacteria have a greatly reduced opportunity to cause damage.