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BOTOX: A Surprisingly Versatile Treatment

October 30, 2020

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person receiving BOTOX in Crookston from a cosmetic dentist

Many people are surprised to learn that when it comes to BOTOX in Crookston, there’s more to these small injections than meets the eye. In fact, the cosmetic enhancements that this treatment has to offer were discovered after the fact that it can also address medical conditions, such as TMJ dysfunction and muscle spasms. To learn more about the versatile uses of BOTOX and how it came to be what it is today, keep reading below.

The Beginning of BOTOX

Before BOTOX was being used to treat cosmetic issues, like wrinkles and fine lines, it was used to help people who suffered from frequent muscle spasms. In 1978, a BOTOX doctor in Vancouver was injecting BOTOX into a patient to treat her eye spasms and the patient asked to receive an additional injection in her forehead too. She had discovered that the injections didn’t just provide her with relief from spasms, but it also helped her wrinkles go away. Even though it isn’t an origin story that has you on the edge of your seat, it’s important to know that BOTOX treatments haven’t always been known as a primarily cosmetic treatment.

The Evolution of BOTOX Throughout the Decades

For several decades, only cosmetic medical doctors as well as estheticians have been allowed to administer BOTOX injections. However, rather recently, states have started allowing dentists to offer this treatment as well. This is because the treatment is a natural extension of their work and they’ve studied facial structures and muscles extensively, making them qualified to complete this procedure. Some dentists have even dedicated additional time to studying the intersections of BOTOX and dentistry specifically, learning how to treat common issues like TMJ dysfunction with it.

FDA-Approved BOTOX Uses

The FDA has officially determined that BOTOX is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions. Some of the approved treatments that you can find listed on their website include:

  • Chronic migraines in adults.
  • Spasticity treatments in children.
  • Cervical dystonia, which can reduce chronic head and neck pain caused by abnormal head position.
  • Excessive sweating that occurs under the arms and on the head.
  • Strabismus, more commonly known as crossed-eyes.

More recent studies have also shown that BOTOX is effective at treating chronic jaw pain, earaches, and other common symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. In short, BOTOX offers so much more than many patients realize. It has been safely used for several decades to treat a variety of conditions, and when administered by a trained professional, you can achieve optimal results that can either boost your confidence and improve your mental health or stop chronic pain.

About the Author

Dr. Jaclyn Jensen has proudly served the Crookston community since she became the owner of Renu Dental in 2008. She is a dentist who is dedicated to putting her patients needs first, helping them overcome common oral health problems they have and providing amazing results with cosmetic treatments to help boost their self-esteem. To learn more about BOTOX injections or other cosmetic procedures that can help enhance your appearance, visit Renu Dental’s website or call 218-281-1301.

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