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Botox Cosmetic Treatment – Crookston, MN

Giving You a Youthful Appearance in Less Time

Do you want to turn back the clock on your appearance? Do you want to say goodbye to the crow’s feet and wrinkles surrounding your eyes and mouth? As you grow older, the natural aging process begins to take effect, leaving some patients yearning for their younger days. Years of laughter and smiling are becoming permanent on your face, and while you don’t want to erase the memories, you certainly wouldn’t mind erasing the fine lines. Dr. Jaclyn Jensen, a cosmetic dentist in Crookston, can help you achieve a younger, fresher look and feel with Botox. Patients flock to this method of treatment because of its safe, effective, and fast-acting results. To find out how you can receive help with Botox, call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jensen today.

What is Botox and How Does It Work?

If your goal is to take years off your facial appearance, look no further than Botox injections. This refined form of what is known as botulinum toxin is injected into specific areas of the face to paralyze the muscles. This temporary paralysis prevents the muscles from contracting and causing embarrassing wrinkles.

However, Botox isn’t only just for aesthetic purposes. Yes, it will smooth out your facial features, but patients who suffer from TMJ, migraine headaches, and muscle pain can also find relief with Botox injections.

In less than one hour, Dr. Jensen can reduce pain, fine lines, and wrinkles in such a way that results will last for six or more months!

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles: The Benefits of Botox

There are typically two reasons to pursue Botox: aesthetic appearance and/or health-related conditions. Depending on your individual needs, there are many benefits that can be obtained with Botox, some of which include:

  • Decreased lines on your forehead and near the eyes (crow’s feet), nose, and lips
  • Removal of frown lines
  • Eliminating wrinkles around the neck area
  • Reducing excess sweating in your armpits
  • Treating migraine pain and TMJ disorders

Botox can also help to alleviate and improve problems with uncontrollable blinking, lazy eye, and muscle spasms.

Why Should I Get Botox from a Dentist?

When having any kind of cosmetic treatment performed, it is always best to seek the care and assistance of a professional. The reason you should have Botox administered by a dentist is that individuals like Dr. Jensen receive special Botox training that ensures they are performing the injections safely and effectively.

One of the best reasons is that it saves on time because everything can be done in just one visit! From a general cleaning and checkup to teeth whitening and Botox, we can take care of it all. Your smile and appearance will look much different by the time you leave our office.