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Dentist in Warren Tells You about Cosmetic Dentistry

October 4, 2016

All dentists care for oral health. Your cosmetic dentist in Warren, Dr. Jaclyn Jensen, improves aesthetics with individualized smile treatments.

The passion of a great dentist is the oral health of his or her patients. Preventive and restorative dental treatments care for the important basics of tooth and gum health while cosmetic dentistry keeps smile aesthetics bright and beautiful. How exactly do Dr. Jaclyn Jensen and Dr. Tiara Applequist, cosmetic dentists in Warren, accomplish this? Learn about this interesting and imaginative specialty and what you should look for in a cosmetic dentist.

Individualized Care

As with any dental treatments, you deserve superior skills and individualized patient care–not some cookie-cutter approach. The dedicated team at Renu Dental is very patient-centered, possessing the right listening attitude to understand an individual’s smile goals and the right technological skills to transform them into a complimentary look.

A good cosmetic dentist begins individualized care with a one-on-one aesthetic consultation. Dr. Jensen or Dr. Applequist performs a complete oral examination to ensure tooth and gum health. Digital X-rays, intraoral camera images and digital impressions give her detailed visuals and three-dimensional virtual models to assist her in building a treatment plan to address:

  • Tooth color
  • Bite
  • Alignment
  • Spaces
  • Mild crowding
  • Chips
  • Hairline cracks
  • Pits
  • Odd size and shape
  • Crown length
  • Excess gum tissue (gummy smile)

Every cosmetic dentistry patient should check his or her dentist’s educational credentials, professional memberships (the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is an important one) and patient gallery of before and after photos. Check out the reviews section of the Renu Dental website for what patients are saying about their oral health care experiences.

Innovative Treatments

Your dentist in Warren should offer a wide array of cosmetic dental treatments, implementing just one or combination of services into a smile makeover just right for the individual’s age, gender, smile width and facial features.

Treatments offered at Renu Dental include:

  • Porcelain veneers, customized shells of translucent porcelain bonded permanently to the front side of teeth marred by deep stains, chips, cracks or odd configuration
  • At-home professional teeth whitening using concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel applied with custom-made acrylic trays. Whitening is safe for healthy teeth and gums and lifts out stains from dark foods and beverages, smoking and the aging process.
  • Direct bonding, or composite resin bonding, uses a tooth-colored combination of glass and acrylic to reshape and repair smile gaps, chips, hairline fractures and surface defects. The dentist also uses composite resin for life-like, tooth-colored cavity repair.
  • Tooth contouring reshapes and evens tooth length and shape. Crown lengthening exposes more tooth surface and eliminates that “gummy smile” look.
  • BOTOX injections erase fine facial lines at key dynamic wrinkling sites at the brow, sides of the mouth and other areas.

The Right Look from the Right Dental Practice

You can enjoy a beautifully refurbished smile from the best cosmetic dentists in the Warren area. Contact Renu Dental to pursue your personalized treatment plan today. We know you’ll find superior care and the best patient-doctor relationship for your healthiest, brightest smiles ever.

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